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Olympics Paris 2024 Linear Commercial Guidelines

The NBC broadcast network and Peacock are NBCU's primary platforms for coverage of the Olympic Games Paris 2024. Additional coverage will be available on Telemundo and NBCU cable stations (i.e., USA Network, E!, CNBC, Golf Channel, Universo, Paris 1 and Paris 2). Paris 2024 will have more programming hours on the NBC broadcast network than any previous Olympics.

All clients must be registered with Ad-ID and assign a valid Ad-ID code to each creative prior to submission of advertising creatives. NBCUniversal provides support in the onboarding process.

This page provides the linear commercial guidelines for Olympics Paris 2024.


Air dates and creative deadlines

Air dates

Creative deadlines

Friday, July 26-Sunday, August 11

Additional coverage on USA Network July 24-25

June 1, 2024

Final billboard assets delivered to Olympics Marketing Team

July 15, 2024

  • Traffic instructions for broadcast and cable networks including Paris 1 & 2

  •  All commercials in house and approved for air

Commercial guidelines

  • All commercials and billboards must conform to the public and industry advertising standards and to the programming and operating policies of NBCUniversal.

  • Commercials and billboards must comply with NBCUniversal’s technical standards.

  • In no event shall NBCUniversal be liable for the contents of a commercial in its telecast.

  • All material must use SMPTE "drop-frame" time code.

  • Only the commercials that are scheduled on the final playlist will be ingested for air. All commercials will be ingested ‘as is’ despite audio or visual discrepancies. Agencies will be notified of On-Air discrepancies.

  • The placement and designation of commercial positioning shall be determined solely by NBCUniversal network & cable properties.

  • To help advertisers reach the largest possible audience, NBCUniversal recommends commercial content with closed captioning (CC) and audio description service (AD). CC and AD should be in the same language as the primary audio track. For questions about technical specifications or instructions, please consult your vendor.

  • To submit a spot:

    • Create an account with one of the vendors listed.

    • Upload your spot(s) to that vendor using their required specifications.

    • Once your spot(s) has passed their internal QC process, submit an “Order for delivery” and select the appropriate network or Englewood Cliffs as the delivery location.

Delivery of file-based content is accepted only from the following pre-approved vendors.

Distribution format

Suppliers must deliver commercial content through digital distribution.

(warning) FTP, DVD or emailed file formats (e.g., WVM) are not accepted

Commercial file for delivery

  • NBCUniversal requires only one file of a commercial file be electronically delivered to Englewood Cliffs, NJ, at least 5 working days before the first scheduled airdate.

  • For spots bought on a rotating basis (e.g., Monday through Friday), the first day in the rotation is considered the effective airdate.

  • Address packages to all networks in which it will air.

HD and SD

  • HD commercials must include an “H” appended to the end of the Ad-ID code (e.g., ABCD1234H).

  • SD commercial ISCI codes cannot end in the letter “H”.

Audio codec

  • Stereo 2 channel

  • Limit to –2 dBFS

  • Average of -24 LKFS* (+/-2 dB) of the full program mix (not only dialog) of the soundtrack

  • Dialogue intelligibility is extremely important and must established and maintained for the duration of the content

  • Use of a low frequency enhancement channel (LFE) is encouraged when considered appropriate by the sound designer

    • Some portion of the LFE signal should be mixed into the left and right channels to maintain the appropriate presence of this signal.

  • NBCUniversal authors the audio metadata required for ATSC digital television transmissions


  • ITU-R.BS.1770-based broadcast loudness meter for measurement. Minor variation of +/- 2dB about the -24 LKFS loudness average is anticipated and acceptable.  

  • Don’t target content loudness to the high and low side of this range.

  • All delivered content will be loudness normalized to meet this requirement, if necessary. This process shifts average loudness to -24LKFS with no impact to dynamic range.

    • Content delivered softer than Telemundo’s -24LKFS average loudness specification will be loudness normalized to a maximum specification of -24LKFS -2/peak. 

    • Delivered peak level of soft content may restrict normalization up to the -24LKFS target. 

  • A tight tolerance surrounding the -24LKFS average is especially critical at the start and end of content or segments to establish smooth program to commercial transitions.

  • Average soundtrack loudness of -24 LKFS, matching the Telemundo’s default dialog level metadata, is critical for proper operation of the dynamic range control system used for ATSC AC-3 audio.

(tick) NBCUniversal strongly encourages you to audition your content at the -24LKFS average dialog loudness.

Closed captioning

If captioning is provided, record on Field 1, Line 21 on CC1 in compliance with the EIA 608 standard. Except for the use of CCI for closed-captioning, commercials for air may not contain any data embedded into or encoded onto the commercial audio or video without the  prior  written consent of NBCUniversal. Agency and/or Advertiser must notify NBCUniversal, reasonably in advance, of the existence, of said content on any commercial. See 79.1 of the Code of Federal Regulations for more.

Watermarking and tracking

  • NBCUniversal doesn’t support the use of audio or video watermarking or tracking technologies embedded in ancillary data space or otherwise included in the materials for exhibition/transmission.

  • NBCUniversal takes no responsibility for the use of such technologies or their preservation in transmission to the audience.

Emergency alert signals

  • The FCC prohibits the transmission of the Emergency Alert System (EAS) codes or Attention Signal (853 Hz and 960 Hz transmitted simultaneously) or a recording or simulation thereof except in the case of an actual emergency or authorized EAS test.

  • The rule applies to all forms of content, including programs, commercials and other paid programming, PSAs, promos and other interstitial material. The FCC hasn't defined what constitutes a prohibited simulation and has brought enforcement actions against sound effects other than actual EAS tones. Content containing EAS tones or simulations are not be accepted for broadcast. 

Purging commercial materials

  • Commercial assets are purged from all systems 90 days from last air date or 90 days after received if it never aired.

  • Commercial assets are not returnable.

  • If for any reason you need to have a commercial removed or purged out of the NBCUniversal library, please send the notification to the appropriate contact for each network.

  • NBCUniversal has one central library for all its TV and cable networks, therefore purging content for one network removes availability for all other NBCUniversal TV and cable networks.

  • If a commercial cannot air due to legal reasons and must be pulled off the air immediately, please notify the appropriate network contact by email and by phone.

Traffic instructions

General guidelines

  • All commercial instructions must include agency, agency contact, advertiser, network, flight, brand, Ad-ID and length. All Olympic spots must be Ad-ID.

  • Revisions must be clearly marked with the word “revision” and the revision number. All revisions should indicate what was changed from the prior instructions and the effective date. All other information will be ignored and is not binding.

  • The HD version of an SD commercial must have the same Ad-ID with a “H” appended to the end of the Ad-ID code. No other designation for an HD spot is accepted.

  • The Ad-ID for SD commercials can’t end with an “H”, because “H” at the end of the Ad-ID indicates an HD commercial.

  • Send all commercial instructions in document form (PDF or Excel) via email to the specific network traffic instruction email address. Generic templates are available.

  • Body of email, zip file, and/or link traffic instructions aren’t accepted.

  • NBCUniversal doesn’t confirm the receipt and or implementation of commercial instructions. Don’t send confirmation requests to the commercial instruction distribution lists.

There aren’t specific instruction email addresses for “Paris 1” and “Paris 2.”  For anything airing on these networks, please indicate on the traffic for other networks if it is applicable for “Paris 1” and “Paris 2.” 

For example, if traffic is sent to USA network and it can also be used for “Paris 1” and “Paris 2,” please state that on the traffic.   


Traffic instruction type



Cable and Telemundo

Blanket traffic instructions (ROS) preferred

  • Must be received no later than 3 pm EST three working days prior to air

  • Must be clearly marked as “Revision” and include a revision number

  • Won’t be processed unless commercial tapes are in the Englewood Cliffs facility

  • NBCU doesn’t confirm the receipt and or implementation of revised traffic instructions; please don’t send confirmation requests

NBC TV broadcast

Spot traffic instructions with a valid program/show name accepted

(warning) Blanket traffic instructions (ROS) not accepted

  • Must be received Monday through Friday, no later than 12 noon EDT day-of-air and 3pm for next-day air

  • Must be clearly marked as “Revision” and include a revision number

Traffic instruction email contacts

Advertising review

NBC, Telemundo

All Cable Networks


Categories requiring approval by Standards


  • CBD products (topical, non-ingestible)

  • Controversial issues and political

  • Dietary supplements

  • Fantasy sports

  • Gambling, betting, lotteries, and games of chance

  • Homeopathic remedies

  • Weight loss supplements and programs

USA and E!

Categories requires for All Cable Networks plus:

  • Competitive television and streaming services

  • Hard alcohol

  • Movies

  • Personal products

  • Video games rated M


Categories required for All Cable Networks plus Competitive television and streaming services

Submission process

Time for review

3 business days

3 business days

3 business days

Additional notes

  • Advertisers should submit a script, storyboard, and/or rough cut of the proposed advertisement. Please include “FOR THE OLYMPICS” in the comments.

  • Standards will request substantiation for all claims and authentication of all demonstrations and testimonial statements, as applicable.

  • All final advertisements must be slated with a unique AD-ID code, a title, and the length of the advertisement. Standards cannot give final approval to unslated advertisements.

  • For guidelines and additional information, please visit

Billboard requirements

Submission process


June 1, 2024

Request form

  • In the Request Type field, select General Creative.

  • In the General Creative Request Type field, select Billboards.

Required assets

  • Logo (animated or static)

  • 5-second VO copy, maximum 8—10 words

Other requirements

If client requires specific color, include the style guide with the submission


General guidelines

  • All claims must be supported. Claims requiring additional qualification are unacceptable.

  • Sell-copy (e.g., offers, pricing, sales) is generally unacceptable, except for slogans that have been well-established in the sponsors’ commercials.

  • Billboards may not reference more than one sponsor, cross-reference other television programs, contain QR codes, or mention contests, sweepstakes and promotional teasers.

  • Gambling-related billboards must comply with all gambling laws, regulations, rules and guidelines.

  • Billboards may reference websites, only if they are exclusively owned by the sponsor of the billboard.

  • All billboards will be put inside a “frame” with a background shot behind the client logo.

  • Clients should submit logos “tv safe, center screen”. Our graphics department will size them to fit inside the frame.

Technical specs

Ad format

Static logo

Animated logo

File format

Preferred: Illustrator (EPS or AI) with vector outlines

PSD, TIFF, or TGA also accepted

HD QuickTime (MOV)


Minimum 900 x 600

(info) Logo must be full in the canvas; no excessive white space.

1920 x 1080  


72 dpi



Place over your preferred background

(tick) We will take the full logo, put it in our billboard frame, and then key it over a scenic or wide shot from the event.


Frame rate



(info) 50fps is the broadcast standard for Paris 2024. If this can’t be accommodated, please be mindful that 29.97/59.94 content will need to be frame-rate converted).

Video codec

  • Without key: Apple ProRes 422 (not HQ)

  • With key: Apple ProRes 4444


5 seconds and 10 words or less

Audio track

All animated billboards are to be delivered silent

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